Delta Airlines Manage Booking

Delta Airlines Manage Booking

Booking flights can be easy but making changes on the same, not so much! In fact, often passengers are confused regarding how to make cancellations, request a refund, etc. However, Delta Airlines is known for an easy-to-manage booking process, you just have to be aware of certain details & you are good to go.

Bolow here you can get all that information regarding how to manage your booking on Delta Airlines, types of changes allowed, & other important info regarding the same. 

Types of Changes Allowed With Delta Airlines Manage Booking

Below are the types of changes you can make to your Delta Airlines flight booking:

  • Cancel Booking: this is one of the common reasons to follow up on your booking. Plans do change & there’s nothing you can do about it. And, airlines understand that. You do have to cancel your flights but you may have to pay for cancellation charges. 
  • Select Desired Seats: make use of the option provided by Delta Airlines to choose your seat preference: aisle, window, etc. to your liking. Just open the seat map to check the available & share your request. 
  • Request Refund: along with cancellation, airline gives you the option to make request for a refund!! Your eligibility for refund is as per airline’s terms & conditions. 
  • Flight Change: you can even have option to change your entire flight itinerary: date, time, route, etc. as per your new plans. Just go to your booking, select your new preferences, & confirm. 

Delta Airlines Manage Booking - Make Changes to Itinerary

Now, let’s discuss the steps to manage your Delta booking easily:

Steps to Manage Delta Airlines Reservation Online

  1. Visit Delta Airlines official website (you can do the same from the app as well). 
  2. Find “My Trips” tab on home page & click on it. 
  3. Next, you have to enter your booking confirmation number & last name to retrieve your booking. 
  4. Click on the Search button to retrieve your booking. 
  5. Next, you can find the list of options available to manage your booking as per your preference. Click on as per your requirements. 
  6. Follow the instructions henceforth. 
  7. Once the process is complete, you will then recieve a mail for confirmation.

Manage Delta Booking Via Phone

  1. Dial Delta Airlines number 1(800)221-1212.  
  2. On the IVR, select the right option to connect with an airline executive. 
  3. Once connected, you can state your request. 
  4. Next share your booking confirmation number & last name to access your booking & continue with your request. 
  5. Further, follow the instructions of the executive. Once the process is complete, share your confirmation by mail. 

How Many Times Can You Make Delta Flight Changes

You are allowed to make changes as many times as you want on Delta Airlines. But, you do have to pay change fees after the initial 24-hour market. The exact fares will depend upon the type of change and when it is made before the journey date. 


You thus have all the information that you require concerning how to manage booking in Delta Airlines. You can now either cancel or change flights, ask for a refund, or any other type of assistance required on Delta Airlines. To make the changes you have two routes - either online (website or app) or via phone. You can choose whichever you are most comfortable with & make your reservation as per your preference.

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