Delta Airlines Seat Selection

Delta Airlines Seat Selection Policy

If you are going to book a flight on Delta or have already booked & would like to know how to get a seat as per your preference, you are on the right page! And, in order to do that, you should be aware of the various seat selection policies & restrictions so that your trip happens more as per your preference. 

In this article, you will be provided with information regarding the terms & conditions of Delta Airlines Seat Selection, what are the steps to pick seats on your flights, & other important information regarding the same. 

How Delta Airlines Seat Selection Works

You should be aware that Delta operates a range of cabin classes on its aircraft, which includes Economy, Premium Select, First Class, & Delta One seats. So, the seat selection rule in each case varies as per the cabin class. Also, the cost to do the same will vary as well. So, let’s now discuss the ticket types & how the seat selection varies. 

Delta Airlines Seat Selection Rules & Ticket Types

Below are the 4 types of cabin classes & their specific seat selection rules applicable. 

1. Basic economy 

If you have booked basic economy tickets, you won’t be able to select seats!! Instead, randomly a seat will be assigned to every passenger at the check-in. 

However, you do have the option to purchase a specific seat from 7 days before the departure date. Also, the pricing of this varies with the trip.        

2. Main cabin

Main cabin seating, also known as regular economy, includes complimentary seat selection. There are two types of cabin classes under this: a) Main Cabin Preferred & b) Comfort Plus. And, you do have the option to purchase an upgrade to Delta Comfort Plus seats if you have booked economy class passengers. 

3. Premium Select

This is the third type of seat class which is actually Delta's version of premium economy. You get larger seats & better reclining along with two free checked bags, early boarding & premium extras. In this, you have the option to book any seat within the cabin for no additional cost. 

4. Delta One and First class

In this type of fare class as well, Delta Airlines has the option to pick any seat within the cabin without any additional cost. 

How Much Does Delta Charge For Seat Selection?

If you are going to pick seats for your Delta Airlines flight, you should be aware of the cost involved. The cost depends upon various factors like the type of fare you are booking, the route, etc. To give you a rough estimate, you have to pay somewhere $15 or more for each flight booking that you’d need to select a seat for. To get the exact fares, check with the airline. 

How To Pick Seats On Delta Airlines 

You can pick seats on Delta depending upon at what time you are picking up your seat allotment on Delta Airlines. 

1. During Booking 

This is easy. At the time of making the booking, Delta Airlines will automatically ask you to pick the seats before the check-out. Just share your preference and you are good to go. 

2. After Booking 

This is the other option available if you have already made the booking before. The steps regarding the same are as follows. 

  1. Visit Delta Airlines official website. 
  2. Go to the My Trips section. 
  3. Here, you have to log in with your credentials. 
  4. Then share your booking reference number & last name to retrieve your booking. 
  5. From the list of your bookings, select the one you like to share your seat preference for. 
  6. The seat selection option is available in the “Passenger Information” section of the website. 
  7. Next, if the seat allotment is not free, you have to pay for the allotment charge if applicable. 
  8. Once process is complete, you will receive confirmation by mail. 

If you have any further doubts regarding the same, you can get in touch with an airline representative who will facilitate the process for you. 


You thus have all the information you need to make a successful seat allotment for your flight as per Delta's terms & conditions. You can make the Delta seat selection either at the time of booking or after the booking has been done. Also, you should have noted that the terms & restrictions change with the type of cabin class booked.

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